A Career of Passion

Cutting edge science, research on the detection and management of cancer, biotechnology, how does that sound to you? For us, it’s a passion!

Our team of highly qualified and passionate scientists and business managers is at the heart of our Company’s success. We maintain a pleasant and stimulating work environment, conducive to the development of everyone’s full potential, in order to turn challenges into success every day.

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you could find your place among us. Please consult the list of available positions. You can submit your résumé anytime, even if there are no openings that correspond to your background. We keep résumés active for a period of six months and refer back to them when a new position becomes available.

A stimulating job and a competitive compensation

Working for DiagnoCure means contributing to the progress of science and the improvement of human health. It means having an interesting career with stimulating challenges in a dynamic environment with colleagues who share the same passion.

Our employees deserve competitive compensation and benefits in line with their most valuable contribution:

  • Salary based on position and experience; annual review linked to performance
  • Group insurance, including life insurance, disability benefits, health and dental care
  • Flexible pension plan that meet employees’ savings needs
  • Generous vacation policy that takes into account past experience
  • Flexible work schedule allowing work-life balance
  • Permanent employment, in general
  • Relocation support, as required